Way-Back Wednesday

It’s 1993. And this slightly, rebellious graduating senior is headed for a year abroad in Sweden.

Who could know that almost 20 years later, he would ditch the mullet and be a well-loved and respected eighth grade teacher in a small town?  He certainly didn’t.

“I didn’t think I’d live past the age of 30. I certainly didn’t have plans for a wife or a family,” says Cade Newman.  Cade teaches eighth grade Language Arts at Paulding Middle School in south county.  He joined the school board in 2009, when his oldest child, Eli, started kindergarten.  “Originally we had planned on public school for kindergarten but after attending a Parent Information Night, we were hooked. Why not start from the very beginning?”   The Newmans have three children:  Eli is a second year primary student, Abraham will start kindergarten in the fall, and Esther is 4 years old.

When asked what his favorite aspect of home schooling is, Cade quickly replies, “The family time this lifestyle affords. We get to learn and have fun together in a society that often pulls families apart in many ways.”

Thank you, Cade for your service to our school, our teachers and our families!


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