Charlotte Mason Series: Introduction

The differences however between merely reading an educational work and being trained on the principles laid down in the work are as the difference between seeing a light and being kindled at a flame.

—   Charlotte Mason

Our school is unique in many ways. The hybrid model is unique, as is our curriculum.  There are a lot of classical programs out there and SLO Classical pulls from several different models.  When I first started our home schooling journey, I was a complete stranger to the names I am now familiar with: Maria Montessori, Susan Wise Bauer, and Charlotte Mason just to name a few.  The more I learn about these educational innovators, the more I understand in a new way that what we as a community are doing, how we are educating our children, is actually not new.  It’s a return to a model of education which seeks to educate our children completely—their character, their souls, and their appreciation for beauty, in addition to their intellects.  The learning is rich, connected, and grounded in real stories of real people. As Mason mentioned in the above quote, we are kindling flames.  Over the next few weeks, join us as we visit Charlotte Mason’s principles and philosophies of teaching.  Hopefully it will enrich and inspire your home schooling journey and add to your confidence as a home educator.


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