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Hopscotch Math

Arithmetic is numbers you squeeze from your head to your hand to your pencil to your paper till you get the answer.

–Carl Sandburg, “Arithmetic”

Some days, math indeed feels like this.  For the younger student, number recognition and learning math facts can seem like a chore.  The good thing is, challenges force us to be creative and look for other ways to accomplish the same goal.  Instead of using the flash cards, why not go outside and play hopscotch?  For the beginner, what a fun way to learn number recognition. Draw your hopscotch with as many or as few numbers as you wish. Call out a number and have your student stop at the right one.  Working on math facts? Call out addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problems and have your student stop on the answer.  This activity is a great way to work with several kids at once who are at differing levels. Plus, it’s just plain fun!


Free Friday

It’s Friday! Remember to free yourself by 5–be free from distractions, set aside the to-do list and spend time together as a family doing something fun.  Avila Beach hosts a farmer’s market from 4-8 PM at the pier.  SLO Mission Plaza is hosting a bike-in movie screening beginning at 6:30 PM.  Ride your bikes to the Mission and watch an outdoor movie.  There will be snacks and prizes. Whatever you choose, enjoy your weekend!


One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.

A. A. Milne

(Can’t you just hear Pooh Bear uttering those words? )

Organization. For some of us, the mere word brings wondrous visions of orderly shelves with coordinating boxes or baskets neatly aligned and legibly labeled.  For others, it brings terrifying visions of orderly shelves with coordinating boxes or baskets neatly aligned and legibly labeled.   However, I think we all can agree that some degree of organization helps make a home school day run smoother and more is accomplished with ease, grace and perhaps even fun.  Whether you are new to home schooling or a veteran, new strategies of organization, teaching kids independence and accountability are always interesting, if not welcome.  Some of our families use the Workbox System by Sue Patrick.  They will be sharing this Friday at 1:30 in the Lewis Library.  Come and listen to Jenny Bischoff, Meredith Eades and Joy Erb share their success using this system.